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A partner committed to transforming your vision into a tangible reality, overseeing every detail with precision and care. Let us navigate the complexities, while you enjoy the journey towards realizing your dream project.


  Design Build Services 

At DOMUS Builders, we don't just construct buildings; we bring visions to life. Our dedicated team is a unique blend of experts in finance, development planning, design, and construction management.


This rich expertise means we understand every facet of your project, from the numbers that make it feasible to the design that makes it remarkable.

With us, your project is more than just blueprints and building materials. We see it as a journey from the first spark of an idea to the final, satisfying completion. Our holistic approach significantly elevates the likelihood of your project's success, ensuring that every stage, from initial concept to final touches, is handled with precision and care.


Offering a seamless and fulfilling design-build experience where your vision is our blueprint for success.

Owner Representation

Where Your Interests Take Center Stage

Embarking on a project involving site design, entitlements, and construction can be a daunting endeavor. DOMUS Builders is here to simplify this journey for you. As your expert guides, we ensure every step from conception to completion aligns seamlessly with your vision, giving you peace of mind throughout this intricate process.

Your Advocates from Start to Finish: Our team of seasoned professionals stands beside you from the initial blueprint to the final handover. Acting as your eyes and ears on-site, we prioritize your interests, making sure every decision reflects your goals and expectations.


Comprehensive Pre-Construction Services:

Our Owner Representatives expertly navigate the pre-construction phase with services including:

  • Site Planning and Feasibility Analysis

  • Formation of Design & Development Teams

  • Managing Entitlements

  • Effective Jurisdictional Communication

  • Development Design Management

  • Strategic Utility Planning

  • RFP Processes Coordination

  • Detailed Cost Analysis and Budget Drafting

  • Consistent Progress Reporting


Meticulous Construction Management:


During construction, our focus sharpens to ensure your project's success:

  • Efficient Project Planning

  • Facilitating Third-Party GC Bids

  • Guided GC Selection via RFP or based on proven experience

  • Strategic Contract Negotiations

  • Sourcing of Quality Materials and Labor

  • Comprehensive Punch List Oversight

  • Rigorous Budget Management and Reporting

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